get over it – and think wider

Here is what I sent to the Editor
I was rather put off by the editorial page of the Fri (12/21) Recorder

My first reaction to each piece was get over your self centered issue and consider issues with a wider focus, but then I realized the problem is really how the editorial page is formed, each piece would have been fine if it were smaller or as an article in itself — not taking editorial page space.

So I urge the Recorder to (1) Stick to the 300 word limit, on all pieces on the editorial page not just letters, at least no more than one bigger in any one day, (2) make the catch up ‘letters’ page a more regular piece as a place for all the discussions going on in town, (3) include in signatures, blog URLs for those who want to write long opinions to extend the short piece in the paper (gee an online paper – what an idea).
today few people really can claim they are unable to use the net if they want to write more — the Recorder could even offer such space on their web site.

In short, I suggest you consider molding the Recorder to better use the space on the pages to represent more of our interests and stop giving a few so much space.

Here is what more I cut

There were only 4 pieces that day
1) 2 columns as tribute to a Dad – nice BUT way too long,
2) commenting on how many reporters are killed in the recent war reporting – sorry guys but 55 is shame but not large number in the big picture – and not worth 2 columns to make the final point
3) detailed rebuttal about providing education to the disadvandvantaged – fine as far as it went, but far too much detail for a rebutal, it mascerated as ‘education for special needs’ – my kids are special needs also — gifted, and I thank my stars every day for that and their health.
Be that as it may, and I know I will get bad points for even putting them in the same category as those who are disadvandvantaged, by ignoring our gited childern, we are badly hurting our future as a society, to assage our guilt as to the poor quality of life those truly disadvanted are and because our leaders and society is unable to really address the range of issues confronting us.

AND FINALLY there was ONE letter — although a bit long, that also pointed to a case where the moral rightousness of our current crop of leaders again abused the public trust to put their narrow moral agenda.

As I said above – any of this smaller, would have been fine as part of a better formated editorial page — as it was shows a very poor effect.

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