Here is my short bio, you can find more at: My CV pages (badly needing updating)

Richard Roth, CEO of Tnr Global, has been in the computer field for 39 years and has been involved in development and marketing software products for personal and larger computers since 1975. He is an expert in software product design and in cross-platform computer technology; has written numerous software products and articles and given many speeches for technical and user groups. He has been a user of the Internet and on-line services from their inception and started On-the-Net, in 1994 to apply the collected experience of himself and a number of experts to develop practical business uses of the Internet.

He was a member of the HBCC (Homebrew computer club at Stanford), the BCS (Boston computer society), Danbury computer club, as well as professional associations: ACM and IEEE.

Since 1994, Mr. Roth and On-the-Net, has advised ISPs and Web site developers in system design and server architecture. In 1996, they introduced the first of a new form of Internet application, a remote hosted CGI system. This is a full server side system for novice web site developers, including an online user assist guru at i-Depth. They now run or manage over 200 web sites of all sizes and shapes.

He was involved in creating the original business plan for Red Hat software with Bob Young, helped create the first round of management tools for Apache by sheparding the GUI-DEV project, and has used Linux and Apache as well as Php, Perl, python and Mysql to create literally thousands of web sites over the next 10 years.

In 2003, he, (with signifcant business help from Natasha Goncharova as Manging partner), started TnR Global to leverage over a decade of Internet experience of On-the-net and grow the business. TnR Global is primary system architecure for CMG and Thomas Publishing as well as running and managing zillions of web sites and domains. (I’ll tell you the number but then …)

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