Do the numbers – deal with highway needs now

I am disturbed in seeing how even politicians trying to find viable solutions are caught up in responding to bogus ‘political reality’ – such as raising taxes are unacceptable, even when they are the best and most practical steps to deal with the situation. Specifically I am referring to the current Ma state debate about how to raise money to address the drastic work needed on the highway system. There are many suggestions, most of which are years away from implementing – the ‘best’ is a 5 cent/mile tax on all traffic. PLEASE do the numbers, those who are promoting the cent/mile fee over the suggested gas tax jump of 11.5 cent a gallon. With a car with terrible mileage, that is less than one cent a mile and can be done NOW. All the ideas are years away, the technology not even useable for most ideas. How about some leadership, and I am specifically pointing at the MA state legislators who can’t get beyond being obstructionist and need to join the creative process coming from the governor’s mansion — and produce some results.

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