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Papers by Rich Roth

Program Paper Related projects
 : GCC and Franklin Regional Tech-School does linux, Rich Teaches it
[ApacheCon:] Apache (by itself) does not a web site make
Hampshire County Gazette Does a story about Rich Engineer in a changing industry
Javascript for Websites, Class notes, Webmaster Course at NorthEastern Univ
Getting Linux accepted into a Business Environment
[WWW-8] Dynamic Content for the Masses
[ApacheCon:] User Interfaces for Apache: Graphical and More Useful Ones
Lemelson Program
In Invention, Innovation
and Creativity
Lecture Series at Hampshire College on Software Product Development
“So You want to be an Internet Provider” Guide book
Older Publications and lectures:

Manuals and Books:

  • So you want to be an Internet provider, On-the-Net, 1995
  • Moving My Data, 1994
  • X2c portable Xbase compiler, Desktop Ai, 1992
  • dBx Translator System, Desktop Ai, 1986
  • I/OS, Multi/OS and Multi/NET operating systems; WpDaisy Word processor; ITERM communications package; I/SAL assembler package; InfoSoft “C” programming language, InfoSoft, 1979-1983


  • “Database options for C developers”, Computer Language, April 1991
  • “Data Bridges”, Expert Systems in Business, Addison-Wesley, April 1987
  • “In the shadow of the Mainframe”, ComputerWorld, Oct 15, 1984
  • “A comparison of Logo’s”, Creative Computing, Dec 1984.
  • “A User’s View of operating Systems and Software Development Tools”, Micro-software Guide and Directory 1983-84
  • “String and Things – BASIC conversion techniques”, Kilobaud, May 1978
  • “Small-c Grows up”, Nov. 1981 Dr. Dobbs Journal
  • “Relocation is not just moving programs”, Feb. 1978, Dr. Dobbs journal (Reprinted in Dr. Dobbs Volume 3)
  • Master’s thesis: Computerization of an environmental quality survey, R.P.I., 1973

Lectures and Courses Given:

  • Greenfield, 2001: GCC and Franklin Regional Tech-School does linux
  • San Jose, 2001: ApacheCon, Apache (by itself) does not a web site make.
  • Raleigh NC, 1999: Linux Expo, Getting Linux Accepted into a business environment.
  • Northeastern Univ, 1998: Accelerated Webmaster Seminar, Javascript and Client side programming
  • San Francisco, 1998: ApacheCon, GUIs for Apache
  • Hampshire College, Lemelsen program, 1998: Taking a prototype product the next step
  • Hampshire College, 1998: Making a Slash in the Software Business
  • Danbury, 1996: Danbury Community Network, HTML and Advanced HTML series
  • Atlanta, 1995: Interop ’95, “Database options for Web servers”
  • Numerous: 1994, “The Internet – who, what and how”
  • San Diego, Mar 1993 – Borland Developer’s Conference, “Cross-platform Options for Xbase Developers”
  • San Francisco, Feb 1988 – Software Developer’s Conference, “Porting Database Systems”
  • Wash. DC Oct 1982 – National Conference on using Small Computers , “Operating Systems”
  • NY March 1982 – “National Online Meeting”, “Using Micro-computers for Word Processing and DataBases”



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