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Hogwash against masks to stop covid-19

A recent Letter to the editor at The Recorder about wearing masks, shows a classic example of conservative use of social media to mis-support an issue. A few minutes of looking dis-proved the statement that masks do not limit the spread of covid-19. The articles referenced in the recent letter are suspicious on first look. One by Cato Institute who tend to spin any issue to the far right, in fact, the study goes into great detail which basically shows that masks do work, just not 100%, often due to mis-use. The second was not a medical study but a opinion study of the statistics used in a granted limited case study, which is fine however does not show anything about the general case.

More important, the whole letter uses the not-100% as the basis for supporting not doing it. This is the same argument often used against vaccines – since they don’t totally block the virus, so don’t use them. An argument that totally ignores that public health is, by its nature, a complex arena that takes a long view of many actions to address each issue.

A few minutes of research leads to these references:

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The Great Disruption – what it will take

the most optimist piece I’ve see in a long time and am reading is:
about what it will take to make the change
– The Great Disruption

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Time to keep your focus

Now is the time to keep your focus on the battle we are in.

Later we can review and argue why we are here, but here we are.
We are in a battle for the very soul of a nation.

The enemy has spent years and used tricks to convince too many of us,
that the principles that that America was founded on are wrong.
That caring for your fellow, whether a neighbor for generations, or just
arrived is wrong. That they are lazy and are stealing your jobs,
that taxes are theft and not a way to share the bounty we all contribute to.
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Voting options

Other ways to vote

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About blocking the Post Office

18 U.S. Code § 1701
Whoever knowingly and willfully obstructs or retards the passage of the mail, or any carrier or conveyance carrying the mail, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

Ck this:
6 Ways to Help Save the USPS That Each Take Less Than 2 Minutes

petition: Save the USPS

Send him a card protesting:
This is the home of our Postmaster General, Louis Dejoy. His address is 806 Country Club Dr, Greensboro, NC, 27408-5601. Feel free to join me in sending him a letter via the United States Postal Service.

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Letter to the editor: No revolution needed

A recent letter highlighted a good bit why there is even a question of Trump being re-elected, in fact, elected in the first place. The only revolution needed is the number of the populous that are involved in the daily job of running the country, at all levels. We live in a representative democracy, a two party system, and a tri-part Federal government, that only works if all adults pay attention and are not totally involved in daily life that they can’t even bother to vote. It’s about attention and education. That being said, this recent letter, puts the blame for recent problems on one man, Trump and that all will be fixed by elected a new president, Biden or not. And the flaws of the present are due to those men and their supporters, both sides of which are the problem. And here is the flaw, each side is supported by an administration, who are not dummies, a Congress of 525 mostly smart people, and the rest of the country sitting on it’s collective butts by and large. We are where we are because as a group, the Republicans have waged a 30 plus year war on the general public and too many of the Democrats have waged debates like this blaming everyone but themselves. The only flaw with the Progressives, is rather than working together, they debate and drag down their best hope for progress, starting with POTUS but really including the Congress and Courts. Stop it before it’s too late, it is a two party system, forget the third party nonsense, forget the nitpicking and get on with working on solutions. A famous quote of Will Rogers, is “I am a member of no organized political party, I am a Democrat” — past time to make that false.

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great discussion of the future

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My Turn: The Internet is not unlimited

The current pandemic has an added urgency to the existing trend of moving to streaming – consuming live content via streaming.  Already many offerings are moving from classic TV (on the air or cable) to streaming services over the internet.  There is an assumption that internet has unlimited capability.  I am not talking about if your home or business has a high enough speed (technically bandwidth) connection for decent viewing.  I am talking about the data pipe that all the various users (really data streams) follow to reach your viewer: be it phone, tablet or large TV screen.  As someone who has been working on and with Internet and web services far longer then most of you know they existed, let me clarify and suggest some alternatives.   I am going to try to cover some very technical topics, without overwhelming details.

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What to do about Washington – Flip Congress Blue

It is very clear that the current ruling clique in Washington, DC has very little agenda to really help any part of the country expect for their direct supporters, mostly the very rich and a few special interest groups like the NRA or Anti-Tax movement.
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