Time to keep your focus

Now is the time to keep your focus on the battle we are in.

Later we can review and argue why we are here, but here we are.
We are in a battle for the very soul of a nation.

The enemy has spent years and used tricks to convince too many of us,
that the principles that that America was founded on are wrong.
That caring for your fellow, whether a neighbor for generations, or just
arrived is wrong. That they are lazy and are stealing your jobs,
that taxes are theft and not a way to share the bounty we all contribute to.

Who and what they are, and how we all got to this place is for a latter time.
Just know we are dealing with an artifact of politics of 200 years ago, and we live
in a world that even those of us who helped build it can barely recognize.

Don’t let debating the whys and hows side track you, Mass and most of New England and even the coastal states are won.

Put your energy, support (and money if you can)
into making sure the coming election is not stolen.  Yes, stolen by those (by whatever name) who trying to twist the will of the vast majority of Americans
by using those artifacts: the electoral college and one per state in Senate and Article 12.

To be clear, that means making sure the swing states do not go Republican.
More at my blog: rizbang.com

Then, and only then, can we return to detailed efforts to fix all the ills we know too well, of poverty, food insecurity, massive Military over buildup, and worst of all, Climate change.


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