Internet Provider Guidebook

On the Net specializes in assisting organizations with the research, equipment selection and configuration, and marketing support required to act as Internet Access Providers.

A host computer is required to be a full-time Internet Access Provider (IAP). The host computer receives the customers' calls, logs them into their individual accounts, and responds to each customer's request for services and facilities by going through a high-speed link to the Internet itself.

Equipment requirements for a host-computer connection include a number of incoming telephone lines with modems, the host computer itself with serial line, and a high-speed line to the Internet.

Once the proper equipment has been researched, purchased, and configured, the real work of marketing your business and providing full-time Internet access to your customers begins.

On the Net is here to guide you through each phase.

So You Want to be an Internet Provider, is our unique guidebook designed to explore the process of setting up an IAP operation. From describing the various levels of Internet access, to outlining the types of services an IAP can offer customers, to discussing equipment options available for furnishing those services this guide covers the basics of becoming an Internet Access Provider. As an additional service, we offer an IAP resource kit which includes on disk all the details, Internet addresses, and other research material described in "... Internet Provider".

When you have completed the initial research phase, we invite you to take the next step toward becoming an IAP: setting up your host. Our consultants are available to guide you through the choices appropriate to your specific situation. Choosing software, purchasing equipment, approaching your market: the maze of setting up an IAP can be more easily navigated with access to a knowledgeable technician.

When you are ready to bring your host system online, On the Net offers a number of preconfigured host packages. Choose from either a collection of software to enable you to install and configure your own computer as an Internet host or a fully installed host system.

So You Want to be An Internet Provider

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