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How to print just the notes on an Libreoffice Impress presentation

If you are here you found there is no easy way to print just the notes, without any slides, full or thumbnail. Here is a solution for those with linux available, or perl on windows, possibly cygwin.

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Military buildup not the way to get great

In 1991, the USSR fell, and Regan and the US military got credit for defeating the ‘evil empire’.  In the NY Times of Aug 1992, my father wrote a letter. He was a life long defense contractor and an expert in Soviet … Continue reading

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Rule by hypocracy: the republican way

Actually the proper term might be demagoguery, the constant repeating of statements based on a political philosophy without regard to facts,  which has now degenerated to a personality cult.  We see statements coming from Washington, and DT as to his landslide or knowing more then others, when in … Continue reading

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Just the Facts: Obit for Jay Forester

Late last year, a great man, most have never heard of, passed on. Unless you are an engineer you don’t know that Jay Forester, Prof at MIT, established the field of systems modeling.  Also called simulation, this is the mathematical methodology that underlies what … Continue reading

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Graffiti has a place

Graffiti has a place I was a bit dismayed when I saw the Montague Police has proposed to not only make unwanted graffiti more of a crime (isn’t it already?) but to require building owners to remove it and outlaw … Continue reading

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A real economicst’s views on dealing with the US Economy

How about creating jobs? By STEPHANIE KELTON Look, up in the sky! It’s a “fiscal cliff.” It’s a slope. It’s an obstacle course. The truth is, it doesn’t really matter what we call it. It only matters what it is: … Continue reading

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