Writing while traveling: Intro to Darwinian Culture

I am on sabbatical – well actually my wife is and I got to come along, you can see the story of our travels on her blog. I am going to use this travel time to write on a number of projects I have been exploring for years – outside my usual computer field.

This article is the start of an exploration of what I call (for want of better title): “Darwinian Culture“. In short, the idea is that various world cultures have developed along the same lines that Darwin has used to explain biological evolution. Some simple examples of this are the Jewish Kosher rules, and the treatment of water, eastern cultures make tea while western cultures make beer and wine. Clearly these are very simplistic examples, the essence is that these cultural approaches have evolved to address critical health issues, through a method that does not appear to be driven by purely intellectual decisions.
Now I am a trained engineer and scientist, but have not read much of the actual work of Darwin or commentaries, so I will start using Darwin’s theories as known by popular science rather than evolutionary biologists. As these writings develop, I hope to hone that understanding. Likewise, I will start by explain my ideas using examples that have not been scientifically verified – I will be doing so as I expand the work.

This is enough for now, more to come.

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