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What to do about Washington – Flip Congress Blue

It is very clear that the current ruling clique in Washington, DC has very little agenda to really help any part of the country expect for their direct supporters, mostly the very rich and a few special interest groups like … Continue reading

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Working for Green

In addition, to my usual 50-60 hr/week running my company I have started a new effort GreenComm: it has two parts: 1) 2) I’ve worked with enough local groups in the last few years, I found that we … Continue reading

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Time does Fly

Not a lot to say the date speaks for itself – HS Graduation 1969 (the pdf)

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‘Underemployment discussion misses boat of lack of economic development’

The recent story (and followup editorial) about Franklin county having higher underemployment, and lower average income, than the rest of the state, shows more about how statistics lead to mis-placed efforts of economic development then any real news. To start, … Continue reading

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F15 grounding is an issue of maintanence not defense

Tim Blagg’s editorial about the risk to defense because of grounding of the F15 fleet misses a key lesson of history. The editorial starts with an interesting review of the history of the air defense net build around the US … Continue reading

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get over it – and think wider

Here is what I sent to the Editor I was rather put off by the editorial page of the Fri (12/21) Recorder My first reaction to each piece was get over your self centered issue and consider issues with a … Continue reading

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Do the numbers – deal with highway needs now

I am disturbed in seeing how even politicians trying to find viable solutions are caught up in responding to bogus ‘political reality’ – such as raising taxes are unacceptable, even when they are the best and most practical steps to … Continue reading

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And you know that how ?

The editorial in the Aug 9 issue of the Recorder about the Bridge Collapse ended with a claim that bridge building is not exactly ‘Rocket Science’, my answer is “And you know that how” ? When did you last design … Continue reading

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About HT Birthday and Growth

In the May 8th, 2007, Recorder, Amy waxed very poetic about the Hidden-Tech organization that now members over 1100 small and micro businesses, mostly in the Valley, with some worldwide. As the person primarily responsible for the web presence, and … Continue reading

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My Turn – A Birthday to Note

This is a editorial Page Entry from the Greenfield Recorder, May 8, 2007 A birthday worth noting Proud of my connections to Hidden-Tech Not longer after 9/11, with my business greatly reduced, I started to contemplate creating a formal support … Continue reading

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