Getting Linux accepted into a Business Environment
What to tell your Boss when they ask "Why Linux, why not MS"

After 15 years of very effective MicroSoft propaganda and even more years of Unix horror stories, Linux starts with black marks on the record, but that doesn't have to end to discussion. This talk will address what it takes to get Linux accepted (or at least tried) in a business environment, and give you ammunition to break the "We only do Windows" barrier, and keep it down.

Getting Linux into a business setting, either as an user, MIS staff or a consultant, requires understanding the issues that underly the section of an operating system in a business environment. It requires getting part the obvious show stoppers and getting to the underlying fear factors. IBM built a business on FUD (Fear, uncertainty and doubt), and Bill has learned well what IBM has since forgotten.

Getting Linux in the door has less to do with simple technical superiority and more to do with perception. Getting beyond the flawed perceptions and to the real benefits are makes the difference between getting in the door or sending more checks to Redmond.

Topics to be covered:

Final Paper:

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Ongoing Work:

The results of the presentation was that there are many success stories floating around but it is very hard to find documented case studies. So I am going to continue to collect actual cases and organize them on a web site. More details as the develop. Check back here for more details. Please send suggestions and war stories to: