Javascript and Web Client-side programming

By Richard Roth, On-the-Net/East, , 413-586-9668


These pages are just being finalized for the course to be starting on Weds. There are two pre-class assignments that students can do to be better prepared for the course:

  1. Pick a Javascript script that you would like to add to your web site. If you don't have one that comes to mind, then go to the Day 1 outline below, look at the function examples and select one. There are also a number of Javascript archives listed that you may look in. I recommend that you DO NOT select an extremely complex function, so we will have the time to review the script you have selected in the class lab session.
  2. Review the bibliography and the books listed. You will not need a book for Weds class and I will bring those listed with me. However if you have either a Javscript quick guide or language reference, I suggest you bring it with you, OR if you are serious about learning Javascript, get one of each by next week. You will need them to really program in Javascript.

Course Outline [ (Outline as a word Document)-right click to download ]

Day 1: notes, links and assignment
Day 2: notes, links, Calendar and SQL
Day 3: links, and JS Golf Shopping


First: Pick an script to add to your class web site


Netscape JS Docs, in a zip file

Note: these pages were prepared with MS/Word'97 using it's HTML mode - enuf said. Regular Doc version are also here and will be available printed on Weds.